Transform Your Apartment with Lighting

Lighting is the one of the most effective ways to change up your apartment. A light on your ceiling will get your guests to look up, while brighter and softer lights can help create different environments throughout your apartment. The color light bulbs you use combined with the type of lampshade you use will assist you in your quest to get the right atmosphere in your apartment. Consider investing in a light fixture that can be controlled with your phone so you can switch up the vibe in your apartment in a moment’s notice.  l

Find Something Cool for the Ceiling

Be on the lookout for a bold lighting fixture to stick in the ceiling. People have a tendency to look around the space they’re in, but if you can get your guests to look up, it will only help enhance how large your apartment appears. A stand-alone ceiling light will not only send light all over the room, but it can also act as a conversation piece. While your ceiling fixture may provide a decent amount of light, it shouldn’t be the only source of light in the room.

Use the Right Light to get the Right Results

The most important thing to remember is to use the right light for each space. You would never want to use a soft light for your vanity or desk as this will make you sleepy and won’t help you see what you’re doing, causing you to lose focus on your work or even mess up applying your makeup. The greatest difficulty with finding the right light for your vanity or desk is making sure there will be enough light for the rest of the room, not just the vanity or desk. If you’re having difficulty finding the right light, you can always purchase sconces or string lights to help increase the amount of light in a room.

When to Use What Type of Lampshade

A lampshade is a great way to change the way light shines within a room. To achieve a majestical “glow” in a room, find a lampshade with lighter colors. If you need to focus light in a specific direction, use a lampshade with darker colors. When looking for a lampshade, make sure you know what you want it to do before you choose one. If you want a room to be a little brighter, pick up a lighter lampshade. If you think your end table could use a little light to highlight a nice, framed photograph of your family, use a darker lampshade to help direct your guests’ attention to the picture of your family. If you feel like you just can’t get enough light in one of your apartment rooms, you can always opt for no lampshade to let the light shine as bright as possible. If you don’t like the idea of not using a lampshade, use a glass or mesh lampshade to disperse light will not losing the light’s strength.

Use Colors to Create Mood

When choosing lighting for your apartment, be sure to remember the color of light will set the scene. Lampshades are a great way to control how light shines, but the color of the light bulb is the best way to control how a space appears. Strong white and cooler hues of blue light will immediately energize your brain while a gentler light of yellow, orange, or red will be easy on your eyes and give a calm, cozy feel. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can maintain the same color light through your apartment mix it up to have a different mood in each room or space. Perhaps you have a bright white light in your bathroom to help wake you up while you take a shower, while your bedroom has a soft orange light to make it easy to crawl into bed and fall asleep.

Dimmer Dial

Once you know what color light bulbs you want to use in a space, you can control how intense the light shines with a dimmer dial. Unless your apartment comes equipped with a dimmer dial, you won’t be able to install one on your own, but there are many different types of smart light fixtures that would work well in your apartment. Smart light fixtures can be controlled completely with your phone. Depending on what you buy, you are able to not only control the intensity, but the bulb color and the direction it shines, effectively eliminating the need to buy different light bulbs and lampshades for each situation you want.

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