Decorating Your Apartment for Autumn

Summer is such a special time, but Autumn is amazing in its own way. As the leaves start to change, you can feel the air starting to cool, making way for Winter. The crisp air allows you to wear your favorite sweaters, feeling warm and cozy. Add some decorations around your apartment that accommodate for the weather, making it a welcoming oasis. Using decorations that accompany the season will additionally help you get in the spirit of the season!

Autumn Colors

Autumn is the season of change. Look to the leaves to be your guide. Colors to make use of are red, yellow, orange, and brown. When the inside of your apartment looks like the natural world outside, you will be living in harmony with the earth. Simple ways to temporarily add these colors throughout your apartment is to use accent pillows on your couches and chairs, towels in your bathroom and kitchen, and sheets and quilts in your bedroom.

Don’t be the One that Doesn’t Dress Up

Nothing is worse than the party-pooper that doesn’t wear a costume to the Halloween party. Don’t be a wet blanket! Make your apartment fun and spruce it up with some Halloween decorations. No one says you have to break the bank, head to the dollar store and find some light-hearted Halloween fun. As Halloween is only good for October, give yourself a budget, as once November comes around, it’s time to take it down and switch over to Thanksgiving.

Control the Colors

An easy way to make your Autumn decorations stand out is to use softer colors. You don’t want anything too strong, as this may appear like Summer decorations. White can be used strategically to enhance the appearance of the Autumn colors of your choosing while simultaneously providing a solid base to build up from.

Plants and Vegetables as Decoration

One thing that always comes to mind during Autumn is heading out to the pumpkin patch to make a Jack-o-Lantern. If you’re struggling to find decorations you like, choose nature’s decorations. Pumpkins, gourds, and squash are easy ways to get your apartment in the mood for Autumn. Pumpkins can be placed in large spaces while gourds and squash can be placed along windowsills and even counter tops. If you notice you have a lot of orange in your apartment, paint your pumpkins! While yellow and red wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a little variety, many people end up painting their pumpkins white to accent other decorations around their apartment.


The humans’ sense of smell is most attached to memory, so make use of decorations that play off of it. It’s not all about what you see. Think of the diverse aromas attached to Autumn, whether it’s a strong scent of cinnamon, the sweet smell of apple and candy, or even the earthy-pumpkin. A great way to capture the essence of these scents is to use candles. You can find a scent that you love or use an assortment of scents for different rooms and spaces in your apartment.

Let Others Know About Your Love for Autumn

The best part about decorations is being able to express your love for the season with others, yes, even strangers. While you may have been focusing about what you can add inside your apartment, don’t forget to add some decorations for the outside of your apartment. If you have enough pumpkins and gourds inside, consider placing some along your deck or balcony. If you don’t have a deck or balcony to express yourself on, window clings are a great way to share your seasonal cheer with others!

Find Your Ideal Apartment!

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