Don’t Adopt These Plants if You Have Pets or Children

philodendron plant 1

Plants work wonders such as purifying the air, lifting your spirits, and make any space more inviting. However, if you have pets or children, you can never to too careful, and there are some plants you should keep out of your apartment. You may have heard of some of these common plants, and you may Read More »

Decorating Your Apartment for Autumn

decorating your apartment for autumn 1

Summer is such a special time, but Autumn is amazing in its own way. As the leaves start to change, you can feel the air starting to cool, making way for Winter. The crisp air allows you to wear your favorite sweaters, feeling warm and cozy. Add some decorations around your apartment that accommodate for Read More »

Cheat Codes for Apartment Life

Cheat Codes for Apartment Life 2

Everyone has a few tricks for the trade of life, but there are many tips to be able to cut costs while renting an apartment. Expenses add up quick, especially when first moving into an apartment. Check out some of the cheat codes to keep more cash in your pocket. No One Wants to Move Read More »

Your Dishwasher Can Clean Much More Than Just Dishes

your dishwasher can clean much more than just dishes

A dishwasher is a privilege, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, you should be washing everything you can with it. Most people don’t realize what their dishwasher is capable of. Many of your personal items can be cleaned with your dishwasher. Use your dishwasher for more than just your dishes to spend more Read More »

Yoga On Your Own

yoga on your own

Yoga is one of the greatest ways to keep your figure in check. Since you don’t need too much time or space, you can really practice anywhere, whether you’re at home or traveling. No matter what mood you’re in, you can always find a yoga routine that will help you feel better, whether you’re feeling Read More »

Yearly Chores for Your Apartment

yearly chores for your apartment

Daily and weekly cleaning regimens will maintain your apartment’s cleanliness, however some chores are easy to lose track of as they only have to get done once or twice during the year. While it’s easy to remember to clean under your furniture and your bed, when was the last time you cleaned your furniture and Read More »

Why You Need to Live in a Commuter-Friendly Apartment

why you need to live in a commuter friendly apartment

A prime location is one of the best perks to living in an apartment over buying a house. One third of our lives are spent at work, so why waste any time commuting to and from work? Living in an apartment that shortens your commute will make greatly impact your quality of life. Shorter Commuting Read More »

10 Apartment Necessities to Have Prior to Moving In

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Ensure You Have These Ten Things Before Moving In! It is important to furnish and decorate your apartment slowly, however, there are some supplies necessary to have on move-in day. Follow the list below to ensure you have all your bases covered in your new apartment. First Aid Kit You’ve probably heard “safety first” your Read More »

Reasons To Get a Renter’s Insurance Policy

reasons to get renters insurance

Regardless if you’ve been fine without it, you should still take out a renter’s insurance policy.  It may not be required by your current landlord, however most landlords are making it mandatory. Everyone would rather, “be safe than sorry,” and renter’s insurance is the epitome of that saying. Renter’s insurance isn’t all that expensive, and Read More »

Preventable Moving Mistakes

preventable moving mistakes

Moving within the same building or city isn’t as easy as everyone makes it sound, it still takes time and preparation. If you’re moving out of the state or even country, it will take much more discipline and focus. To make the whole process a little better for everyone, read about what not to do Read More »