Tile Floor Cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning 2

It’s common to find tile floors in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Aside from looking marvelous, and they’re easy to clean and incredibly strong. Properly cleaning your tile will keep it lovely longer and bring out the best of your apartment. Learn how to clean your tile flooring correctly so you can continue to enjoy Read More »

Thoroughly Clean Your Apartment After Overcoming an Illness

Thoroughly Clean Your Apartment After Overcoming an Illness 2

In order to prevent the spread of a sickness, it is critical to thoroughly clean your entire apartment. Proper handwashing is necessary, but the sickness has probably spread throughout your apartment. Even after you overcome an illness, a number of viruses can survive on hard surfaces for twelve to fourteen days! Whether you or a Read More »

Cleaning Supplies Need to be Cleaned

How to Clean Your Cleaning Supplies 2

People like to use the excuse, “cleaning supplies get cleaned when you clean,” but that simply isn’t true. Your cleaning supplies do not get cleaned when you clean, rather, they get dirty, requiring a cleaning to be able to clean properly. Take a look at your cleaning supplies and decide for yourself if you need Read More »

Granite Cleaning

Granite Cleaning 2

Granite is gorgeous all on its own, and with the number of colors and patterns to choose from, it’s a perfect addition to any apartment. Due to its versatility and appeal, many luxury apartments equip their units with granite in their kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is an excellent way to enhance the monetary worth of Read More »

Free Your Apartment of Fruit Flies

Free Your Apartment of Fruit Flies 2

Fruit flies feed on sugary substances, and that is why they are most commonly found buzzing around your fruit dish and even alcohol. A fruit fly infestation can be detrimental to your kitchen. Fruit flies have the ability to produce as much as five hundred eggs at once! If you do not act fast, your Read More »

Deep-Clean an Apartment Kitchen

Deep Clean an Apartment Kitchen 2

It is important to clean the kitchen every day, but it is necessary to exceed a standard kitchen cleaning once each week to keep your daily cleanings minimal. If you’re expecting company or if your kitchen needs a little more love than usual, this list will help you get your kitchen looking ship-shape. Budget about Read More »

Clean Your Light Fixtures

Clean Your Light Fixtures 2

It is important to maintain your lights and light fixtures cleanliness to have the best light in your apartment. As with everything in life, safety first. Never try to immediately clean a lightbulb or light fixture that has been on for any duration of time, always allow it to completely cool before cleaning. You will Read More »

Clean an Apartment Bathroom in Fifteen Minutes or Less

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Following your kitchen, the next most important room to keep clean is your bathroom. Healthy practice would be to clean your bathroom once a week, but twice wouldn’t hurt. Fortunately, since your bathroom is most likely one of the smaller rooms in your apartment, it should be relatively quick. With the proper routine, you can Read More »

Foods the Garbage Disposal Was Not Designed For

foods not to put in garbage disposal 1

Apartments have many wonderful amenities and appliances. One that fails to receive recognition is the garbage disposal. As everyone has to eat, everyone has to prepare food, which leads the to the logical assumption you use your garbage disposal almost each day, if not every day. Due do to the frequent usage of the garbage Read More »

Don’t Forget to Clean the Fan

how to clean your fan 1

Fans are a great way to combat the heat for folks without air conditioning. Even if you have air conditioning, fans provide white noise that makes falling asleep easier, while supplying a gentle breeze to keep you from overheating. The more you use your fan, the more dust and dirt builds up on it. It Read More »