Moving to a Different Unit in the Same Building

Moving to a Different Unit in the Same Building 2

It’s normal to outgrow what you once loved. You might appreciate the building, apartment community, or even the neighborhood. That doesn’t mean you are exempt from needing something different that was once great for you. If you still want to live in the same apartment building, but need a different unit, congratulations, this happens to Read More »

Keep Spiders Out of Your Apartment

Keep Spiders Out of Your Apartment 2

There are spiders native to every state. Some of us love them, others fear them, either way, no one is welcoming them into their apartment. There are many methods to keeping spiders out of your apartment. If you find spiders in your apartment, there are strategies to trap them and keep them away for good. Read More »

Furnishing an Apartment

Furnishing an Apartment 2

There are many things to keep in mind that will make furnishing your apartment easier. Avoid purchasing furniture that’s large and awkward as this will only eat up space in your apartment.  Likewise, keep away from furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose or better yet, keep your eyes peeled for multi-purpose furniture. Everyone wants to Read More »

Budget for Apartment Life

Budget for Apartment Life 2

Everyone needs to budget, whether you make a lot of money or a little money. A budget is the best way to make sure your money is getting spent wisely. Likewise, a budget is a great way to figure out if you have enough money to put some away in a savings account. People tend Read More »

Better Your Credit Before You Sign Your Next Apartment Lease

better your credit score

Is your credit score standing between you and your next apartment? No need to stress, there are several ways to improve your credit score. Landlords look at prospective renter’s credit scores to prove they are able to pay rent on time. Sometimes, when torn between prospective tenants, landlords will simply look to the credit scores Read More »

Considerations for Climate-Controlled Storage

climate controlled storage considerations 1

You most likely have accumulated many belongings over the years. Many renters use climate-controlled storage units for items they don’t need on a regular basis. As even the largest apartments only have so much space, this is a wise choice to prevent clutter piling up. Some communities provide climate-controlled storage as an amenity available to Read More »

Protect Yourself Against Apartment Rental Scams

how to avoid rental scams 1

Most people aren’t considering the possibility of a rental scam when searching for their next apartment. As apartment hunters are eagerly looking for their next spot to live, their emotions betray them and make them easy prey for scammers. Rental scammers take many shapes, so keep your eyes peeled for shifty behavior What is a Read More »

Maximize Your Studio Apartment

clear furniture in apartment 1

If you’re a student, a minimalist, or simply prefer to live on your own, a studio apartment is a great way to go. A studio apartment will cover the basics for an excellent price, the only downfall is the lack of space. Fortunately, it’s not about how much space you have, but how you use Read More »

Cheat Codes for Apartment Life

Cheat Codes for Apartment Life 2

Everyone has a few tricks for the trade of life, but there are many tips to be able to cut costs while renting an apartment. Expenses add up quick, especially when first moving into an apartment. Check out some of the cheat codes to keep more cash in your pocket. No One Wants to Move Read More »

Why You Need to Live in a Commuter-Friendly Apartment

why you need to live in a commuter friendly apartment

A prime location is one of the best perks to living in an apartment over buying a house. One third of our lives are spent at work, so why waste any time commuting to and from work? Living in an apartment that shortens your commute will make greatly impact your quality of life. Shorter Commuting Read More »