Clean an Apartment Bathroom in Fifteen Minutes or Less

Following your kitchen, the next most important room to keep clean is your bathroom. Healthy practice would be to clean your bathroom once a week, but twice wouldn’t hurt. Fortunately, since your bathroom is most likely one of the smaller rooms in your apartment, it should be relatively quick. With the proper routine, you can easily clean your apartment bathroom in fifteen minutes…or less!

Needed Supplies

Grab a basket for any non-bathroom items, broom or vacuum, mop, clothing hamper, trash bin, disinfecting wipes or spray, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, and toilet brush. You will be able to work faster when you gather all your supplies prior to cleaning.

Pick Up

Throw all dirty clothes into the hamper. Towels, including hand towels, should be thrown in the dirty laundry too. Pick up any trash and throw it away. Any hair balls and empty bottles on your counter or in the shower should be thrown away as well. This step is about removing items in your way of cleaning.

Light Organizing

Anything that is out of place, put it back where it goes. Anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom, throw it in the basket. Do not lose your focus and start organizing all your cabinets and drawers, save that for another time. All you’re doing right now is putting your bathroom items back in their proper spot. Once the basket is full of your non-bathroom items, move it out into the hall so you can clean.

Start at the Top, Work Down

Spray glass cleaner or vinegar at the top of the mirror and work down. Give it a few seconds before wiping the mirror with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion. The first thing people look at when judging the cleanliness of a bathroom is the mirror, so make sure you remove all the specks of food from flossing and juices from popping zits!

Sink and Shower

Using a disinfectant or a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner, spray down the sink, counter, faucet, and bathtub (or shower). You can repurpose the cloth you used to wipe the mirror and wipe down the counter and sink. It may be wise to use a fresh cloth to wipe down your bathtub or shower. Gloves can be worn to protect your hands but also so you don’t have to touch anything nasty, especially if you share a bathroom.


Spray down the entirety of your toilet and use toilet cleaner inside the toilet bowl. Wipe down every inch of the toilet, including the back and frequently missed places, like the underside, toilet seat, and seat cover. Use the toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl. You may splatter toilet cleaner on the outside of the toilet, so be sure to wipe it a second time so you don’t have any toilet cleaner spots. Aside from the mirror, you want to make sure your toilet is spotless for guests, too. To reduce the amount of work, you can use a cleaner that sits inside the toilet bowl and cleans the bowl with each flush.

Sweep & Vacuum

The floor is the lowest surface, so always clean this last, as everything will fall onto it while cleaning. It is important to sweep any large, loose items that will clog your vacuum cleaner. After you sweep and vacuum, you can mop if necessary, otherwise you can skip it to keep your cleaning routine under fifteen minutes.

Develop a Habit

When you clean your bathroom once or twice a week with this simple fifteen minute procedure, you will develop a healthy, hygienic habit. Likewise, cleaning will be painless as you your bathroom won’t be as dirty, making the workload lighter.

Keep Everything Together

The best way to expedite the cleaning process is to keep all your cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink. This way, whenever you have a fifteen minute window, you can zip into the bathroom and knockout your cleaning routine. You will save substantial time not having to locate everything around your apartment!

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