Budget for Apartment Life

Budget for Apartment Life

Everyone needs to budget, whether you make a lot of money or a little money. A budget is the best way to make sure your money is getting spent wisely. Likewise, a budget is a great way to figure out if you have enough money to put some away in a savings account. People tend to think budgeting means the end of all things fun, but that’s not the case, it’s more so being mindful of what you’re buying so you can rest assured you are setting yourself up for financial success.


Start with Fixed Expenses

You need to know how much money you make each month. With this number, you can figure out where your monthly income is going. Fixed expenses are the easiest place to start as they don’t change, they’re the same cost each month. Fixed expenses will be your rent, utilities, insurance, and car payments. Once you know how much of your monthly income is getting spent on fixed expenses, you can start to plan how much money you’re allowed to spend on fluctuating expenses, such as groceries and gas.


Grocery Shopping

Once you know how much you’re spending each month on fixed expenses, you can start to figure out how much you have to spend on fluctuating expenses, like groceries. Grocery shopping is the best way to save money! Going out to eat for two or three meals is the same as buying groceries for one week. The groceries you buy for the week will be more nourishing than the food you bought out. Never go to a corner store or convenience store when grocery shopping, as you will pay more for the convenience. Always go to a genuine grocery store and be sure to shop at the right grocery stores, as some are more expensive than others.



The worst thing you can do is buy furniture new. There is so much lightly used furniture available that will serve you well. Most people get bored with their furniture, so you should purchase it off of them for cheap. Spend a day scoping out thrift stores, garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, and even Craigslist. You’re bound to find something that will suit your fancy.



A great way to lose money without knowing it is to pay for memberships and subscriptions. Check your bank statement and make sure you aren’t paying for any subscriptions and memberships that do not benefit you. Most apartments provide a swimming pool and fitness center, which means you need to cancel your gym membership. People love the newspaper, but if you can read it for free online, cancel it. If you have a magazine subscription, but are able to read the whole thing online a month later, learn to be patient and cancel it. There are plenty of ways to cut expenses to increase your savings, or even your budget for that matter.


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