How to Fight Your Apartment’s Drafts

How to Fight Your Apartments Drafts 2

The insulation in old buildings has worn away causing them to poorly retain heat and air conditioning. With age, the doors won’t sit on the hinges as well and the windows won’t fit just right, creating drafts. Fortunately, there are many ways to fight the inevitable drafts in older apartment buildings. Managing the Drafts You Read More »

Furnishing an Apartment

Furnishing an Apartment 2

There are many things to keep in mind that will make furnishing your apartment easier. Avoid purchasing furniture that’s large and awkward as this will only eat up space in your apartment.  Likewise, keep away from furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose or better yet, keep your eyes peeled for multi-purpose furniture. Everyone wants to Read More »

Free Your Apartment of Fruit Flies

Free Your Apartment of Fruit Flies 2

Fruit flies feed on sugary substances, and that is why they are most commonly found buzzing around your fruit dish and even alcohol. A fruit fly infestation can be detrimental to your kitchen. Fruit flies have the ability to produce as much as five hundred eggs at once! If you do not act fast, your Read More »

Clean Your Light Fixtures

Clean Your Light Fixtures 2

It is important to maintain your lights and light fixtures cleanliness to have the best light in your apartment. As with everything in life, safety first. Never try to immediately clean a lightbulb or light fixture that has been on for any duration of time, always allow it to completely cool before cleaning. You will Read More »

Maximize Your Studio Apartment

clear furniture in apartment 1

If you’re a student, a minimalist, or simply prefer to live on your own, a studio apartment is a great way to go. A studio apartment will cover the basics for an excellent price, the only downfall is the lack of space. Fortunately, it’s not about how much space you have, but how you use Read More »

Hosting in Your Apartment

tips for hosting in your apartment 1

When the holidays come around, you may start to think about how you’re going to host your family and friends. Hosting even a small get together in your apartment might seem difficult, not to mention a large gathering. While any successful celebration will take work, utilize the advice below to organize the greatest gathering in Read More »

Economical Strategies to Soundproof Your Apartment

soundproof your apartment 1

Apartments are located in the center of vibrant neighborhoods to keep their residents close to all the action and fun of the city. This makes it easy to go out and do what you want to do, but you don’t want to hear the noise of the street while you sleep. Most tenants think it’s Read More »

Don’t Adopt These Plants if You Have Pets or Children

philodendron plant 1

Plants work wonders such as purifying the air, lifting your spirits, and make any space more inviting. However, if you have pets or children, you can never to too careful, and there are some plants you should keep out of your apartment. You may have heard of some of these common plants, and you may Read More »

Decorating Your Apartment for Autumn

decorating your apartment for autumn 1

Summer is such a special time, but Autumn is amazing in its own way. As the leaves start to change, you can feel the air starting to cool, making way for Winter. The crisp air allows you to wear your favorite sweaters, feeling warm and cozy. Add some decorations around your apartment that accommodate for Read More »

Yearly Chores for Your Apartment

yearly chores for your apartment

Daily and weekly cleaning regimens will maintain your apartment’s cleanliness, however some chores are easy to lose track of as they only have to get done once or twice during the year. While it’s easy to remember to clean under your furniture and your bed, when was the last time you cleaned your furniture and Read More »