Maximize Your Studio Apartment

If you’re a student, a minimalist, or simply prefer to live on your own, a studio apartment is a great way to go. A studio apartment will cover the basics for an excellent price, the only downfall is the lack of space. Fortunately, it’s not about how much space you have, but how you use it. Maximize the space in your studio apartment with the list below.

Find a Spot for Your Bed

Studios are usually one, large room, however that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a large rectangle or square. Newer studios usually have a designated space around the corner from the kitchenette to keep your bed out of sight for when you cook. If you can find a corner, preferably away from the doorway, you will be able to make your studio appear much roomier than it may be. Likewise, a room divider or curtain is an easy to keep your bed hidden from the rest of the apartment.

Decide a Spot for Seating

Once you know where your bed is going to be, you need to figure out a seating area. While you may only have a couple chairs or a small loveseat, this will help add some order to the space. While you may not be hosting friends and family frequently, you still need a spot for yourself to sit down and unwind that isn’t your bed, otherwise you’ll spend most of the time in your apartment sleeping. Having a designated space to sit will make each piece of furniture in your apartment appear practical.

Transparent Furniture

While most people think transparent furniture is purely for the aesthetic, it will actually help make your apartment look larger. Tables, chairs, and shelving are great pieces of furniture to be clear, as this will allow you to see through them to the wall, which only helps the illusion. If you aren’t much of an interior designer or don’t want to refurnish any time soon, transparent furniture will work with any design theme, so it is a wise long-term investment.

Walls and Ceilings

Vertical space normally goes unutilized, but living in a studio means you cannot let it go to waste. Everything that can be hung up should be in order to keep as much floor space open. Hanging things is one of the best methods to keeping yourself organized, keeping clutter to a minimum, and making full use of the space you have.


Another awesome illusion is light. Light colors reflect, which will make the space appear larger, so use this in your favor to manipulate the size of your space. Furthermore, give your windows a sufficient cleaning! You want as much natural light to be able to shine in, so make sure your curtains are pulled up and take anything out of the way that would inhibit the sun from shining in. Don’t be afraid to change the lightbulbs. When you move in, you may find the light bulbs are a soft yellow, which is great for going to bed, but if you want your space to look big, you should be using blue lights to open the space up.

Less Furniture is More

Even though you have a small space, you want large furniture. It’s like decorations; a few, large decorations will hold more weight than a lot of small decorations. Many small pieces looks like clutter while a few, large pieces looks like you know what you’re doing. It might be wise to have two large chairs or a large sofa and figure it out from there. Likewise, always look for multi-purpose furniture or furniture with built-in storage, as this will help you get the most out of your space.

Luxurious Apartments Available in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Living in a studio doesn’t mean sacrificing! Everything you own will be able to call your next apartment home when you reside in a stately studio in Milwaukee. If you’re looking to move out of a studio, there are many one and two-bedroom apartment units now leasing!

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