10 Apartment Necessities to Have Prior to Moving In

Ensure You Have These Ten Things Before Moving In!

It is important to furnish and decorate your apartment slowly, however, there are some supplies necessary to have on move-in day. Follow the list below to ensure you have all your bases covered in your new apartment.

First Aid Kit

You’ve probably heard “safety first” your whole life, and it isn’t about to stop now. You might think this is a little extra, but a first aid kit should never be disregarded. First Aid is one of those things that are never around when needed, so it’s even more important to have it before move-in day. Last thing anyone wants is to get hurt or cut while loading boxes into their new apartment and not be able to treat the wound. Keeping a first aid kit in your apartment and keeping it stocked is essential, even if not for your well-being, but for the well-being of your visitors and guests.

Cleaning Products and Tools

While the apartment should be clean already, you can’t be too careful. It’s the old saying, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Giving your new apartment a proper cleaning will help you feel more comfortable and make the unit feel like home quicker.  Make sure you have everything needed to clean your new kitchen and bathroom so the apartment is up to your standard of clean. Even if you don’t think you have to clean, it wouldn’t hurt to perform some light-work, as the apartment may still smell like the last tenants cleaning products or even body odor. You will want to make sure you have floor cleaner, surface cleaner, disinfectant, a vacuum or broom, shower cleaner, and glass cleaner. Hand soap and laundry materials are good to have on hand so you’re not living like a neanderthal.


While your apartment most likely has a maintenance department, you will need some tools in your box for minor fixes, such as a tape measure for furniture dimensions or a screw driver for a loose screw in the door hinge.

Kitchenware and Cooking Supplies

The moving process is going to require a lot of money, an easy way to prevent overspending is to cook food at your new apartment opposed to eating out. It’s necessary to have the right utensils so you can cook at your apartment. To save money on kitchen supplies, you can always head to the local thrift stores and find plenty of excellent pots and pans for cheap!

Storage Ideas

Space is the hottest commodity when living in an apartment. You will need to have ample storage solutions to keep your apartment organized. Look for spots where you can get creative with storage space, such as under your bed or on your doors. Even furniture that can be stacked or partially disassembled when not in use is a storage solution! Keep your mind thinking outside the box and seek out storage possibilities respectively.

Power Strips

A common dilemma for apartment renters is not having enough power outlets. An easy way to combat this issue is to make use of a few power strips. It would be wise to purchase surge-protected power strips so you don’t accidently blow a fuse. The best power strips are smart surge-protected power strips, these power strips will prevent fuses blowing while also keeping your electric bill low.

Wall Hooks

Arguably more important than nails and screws, wall hooks are essential, specifically in the kitchen and bathroom. Wall hooks should be used to hang up your keys, towels, jackets, and really anything else that would otherwise end up on the floor or counter.

Lights and Lamps

If you’re fortunate to have an apartment with outstanding natural lighting, consider yourself lucky. It is rare to find an apartment that will not need additional lighting. There are many ways to light up your apartment while staying within your design theme. In the event the power goes out, you should have a couple boxes of matches and candles so you won’t be stuck in the dark.

Multi-Use Furniture

Multi-Use Furniture is one of the best ways to maximize the space in your apartment. Common examples of multi-use furniture are hollowed ottomans that can hold blankets and pillows or a sofa that pulls out into a bed. You can even find lounge and gaming chairs with shelving units to hold your remotes and controllers to keep them within arms’ reach and off the floor.

Personal Flare

Once you have your belongings and some furniture moved in, it’s time to make the space your own. This is one of the best parts about having your own spot! If you have artwork or photos, use those damage-free wall hooks mentioned earlier and decorate. Sterile, white walls will make your apartment feel like an asylum. Add decorations that define you, not only will it make you feel at home, but it will give your guests and visitors an idea of what you like to do and where you like to do.

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