6 Damage Free Decorating Ideas

Everyone wants to make their apartment their home, but no one wants to throw their security deposit away due to their decorations. It may seem impossible to decorate and secure the return of your security deposit, but the truth is there are many ways to let your creativity show safely. Use these six tips to get the ball rolling, then see if there is anything you can add to the innovation.

Find a Theme, Keep it Fun

Before you start letting loose, decide on a theme for the entirety of your apartment. When you have one color scheme and design theme, it will bring your apartment together opposed to having a hodge-podge of different rooms and spaces that appear to be thrown-together on a whim. The easiest way to get inspiration is to go visit your favorite store or restaurant, visit your friends’ apartment and see what they did, or simply choose colors that make you happy. Keep the foundation of the design element(s) you choose running through your apartment to maintain a consistent theme and make each space look like one piece to the puzzle of your apartment unit. When you have a theme prior to decorating, the process will flow smoother as you will have a solid concept to follow.

Living and Breathing Decorations

Plants bring life to any room while simultaneously cleansing the air in your apartment. Contrary to popular belief, there are many plants that will strive in an apartment and impress your guests! If you don’t have a knack for gardening, or honestly can’t remember to water and rotate your plants, fake plants will still add life to your apartment minus the responsibilities of keeping the plant alive. If your apartment is feeling dead and dull, throw some plants in the mix to brighten up your day, every day!

Various Lighting Styles

A simple trick to decorating is messing with your lighting. Lighting can drastically change the atmosphere of any room or space. To ball on a budget, place string lights strategically to bring soft, dynamic lighting into a room or space. String lights are great for early mornings and late nights as they aren’t too harsh on the eyes, helping you wake up or fall asleep nice and slow. You don’t have to settle for white, though, string lights come in a variety of colors, so you can match your current color scheme or get wild and use different colors to accent specific parts of a room or space in your apartment. For a quick character and depth fix, use string lights to manipulate the appearance of any room.

Don’t Let Your Walls be Bare

Most people are scared to hang anything on their walls because they don’t want to damage them with nails or screws. Fortunately, you can hang pictures, art, posters, and anything else you might want to damage-free with Command hooks. Your walls are yours to express yourself with, so don’t let them stay white and bare. Vinyl decals are an excellent method to add personality to your walls without the stress of damaging them.

Large Rugs

Often overlooked, most people don’t think of their floor when it comes to decorating. However, a large area rug is a superb method to adding a color accent or make hard floors cozier. Make sure your rug matches your color scheme at the very least, and if you can, have it match your design theme. You don’t want to add a rug that doesn’t match, as this may cause your apartment to look “busy” or thrown-together. Next time you want to bring out a specific part of a room, space, or wall, think about throwing down a rug to make it pop. Your feet will stay warmer during the winter, too.

See-Through Storage Containers

Clear storage containers will save tons of time. When you don’t have to open a container to see the contents inside, you decrease the number of steps it takes to find what you’re looking for.  All rooms in your apartment should make use of transparent storage bins and containers. When you organize your bins and containers by room and content, it makes it exponentially easier to stay organized as well as add newly acquired items to the right container. Organization is a way of decorating in itself. The best decoration is effective, stylish, and innovative storage.

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