Decorations That Don’t Damage

When it comes to decorating, you don’t have to damage your apartment. There are many products and design ideas to personalize your apartment without sacrificing your security deposit. It may be tricky at first, so use the list below to get the ball rolling and then see what innovative decorating ideas you can come up with.

Pick a Theme

You may be puzzled with how you’re going to make the rooms in your apartment look like one, happy unit. The truth is all you have to do is pick a theme and stick to it. If you like to be outdoors, consider picking some lighter earth tones to bring the great outdoors inside without making your apartment appear small. However you decide to decorate your apartment, just figure out a vision before you start going wild. It’s significantly simpler to decorate when after you have a theme for the whole apartment. If you let your spontaneity decorate for you, your apartment may end up looking like a mix-matched children’s painting. When you have a vision prior to decorating, your end result is more likely to look like what you had in mind.

Plants Are Decorations

If your apartment is looking empty and void, grab a few plants to add some life. Plants won’t just make your apartment look good, they’ll make it feel good. If you think about it this way, plants are living air filters as they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, so you will be in a healthier living situation when you have plants as decorations. Most people think there aren’t that many plants that will live well in an apartment, but the reality is there are tons of plants that do great indoors, even in apartments. If you aren’t the world’s greatest green thumb, don’t worry. Tons of people have a hard time remembering to water or move their plants so they can get enough sun light. If your cellphone reminders fail to keep your plants alive, you can use artificial plants to provide the same look without the required care.

Many Lighting Styles

A simple way to change the atmosphere of your apartment is to bring in a bunch of different lighting styles. Sometimes the only thing a room needs is more or less light to create the perfect ambiance. Bright lights are great when you need the brain stimulation to focus on the work at hand, but when it’s time to relax, your eyes need soft, gentle lights to put your mind at ease. String lights are great for when you’re just waking up or going to sleep. Some people even use them as night lights or keep them on while they’re away for security purposes. The best part about string lights is you can purchase them in any color to match your design theme or even have a rotation of different colors to keep it fun.

The Walls Are Yours

Walls, and more specifically, vertical space, have a tendency to go to waste. Storing your stuff “up” instead of “out” is a great way to utilize your space while leaving room on the walls to hang decorations. Once you have your vertical storage situated, all the bare spots on the walls will pop out and make it easy to figure out where to hang your pictures, posters, or pieces of art. Don’t damage your walls with nails though, use Command hooks to decorate damage-free. Vinyl decals are another great way to make your space more personal.

Carpets and Rugs

If your apartment is looking rather bare, an easy way to add some flavor is to put down a rug or two. It’s common for newly constructed apartments to have hardwood floors which are easy to clean, but aren’t all that comfortable and quiet. A rug will not only make your hard floors a little softer, but also serve as soundproofing while giving your apartment a little flare of color. As always, look for a rug that complements your design and color scheme to keep cohesiveness throughout your entire apartment.

See-Through Storage Containers

Containers make it easy to store a bunch of belongings in one spot, but if you have to dig through each individual one to find what you’re looking for, you’re going to spend a good deal of time searching instead of finding. Use see-through storage containers to keep locating your personal items easy. See-through storage containers are optimal for organization, and when your apartment is organized well, it will allow your decorations to really shine. The only thing more important than good decorations is great organization. Your unique decorations won’t matter if your apartment is a mess, so make sure you have your storage and organization on fleek before you try to step up your decoration game.

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